Software to Repair PPT Files

Nowadays, MS PowerPoint application has become one of the most widely used presentation application across the world. PowerPoint helps user to create attractive and interactive slides by including effects such as audio, design, graphics, pictures, video clips, animations etc. These presentation report or documents created using PowerPoint are of .ppt or .pptx file format. Nevertheless with the widespread of PowerPoint, corruption or damage to these files also increased, for example consider the below situation.

Suppose, you worked very hard on your project presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint; and kept constantly saving the PPT file after every modification and all of a sudden power surge occurred and your computer turned off improperly. When you restarted the system you find out that the PPT file on which you were working on has become inaccessible, you don’t know what the reason behind that. And now you are looking for software to repair PPT files. Just be calm!!! With the help of PowerPoint file repair you can solve PPT file corruption issues. This file repair software can even help you to fix corrupted PPTX file. To know more about how to repair corrupt PPTX file, visit Like this there are numerous scenarios which results in PPT file corruption.

Factors behind PPT file corruption:

PPT file gets corrupt due to several reasons among which virus infection is the most common one. Severe viruses coming from internet or from already corrupted drive can corrupts the file present in system hard disk. Rather than virus infection sudden closing of application without following proper steps will also leads to PPT file corruption, as some time in hurry people close their system directly from the main. Improper or sudden system shutdown due to sudden power failure when PPT file is in use also causes PPT file corruption. If your system gets rebooted repeatedly while editing a PPT document, then also there are chances of PPT file corruption. At this situation only PowerPoint repair utility can help you to overcome from this problem. To know about boken PPT repair visit here:

Many times PPT file gets corrupt while downloading it from internet, Suppose you download a 250MB PPT file, since the download can be continued you pause and resume the download whenever you got time after downloading you’re not able to open then PPT file, this happen due to improper download. Generally at this condition people try to download file again and again, and encounters the same error. To tackle all there PPT file corruption issues and to repair corrupt PPT you must need some effective tool to fix PPT file and one such tool is "Repair PowerPoint File". Go to this site to read more about this tool

Way to fix corrupt PPT file:

By using PowerPoint repair utility user can easily fix their corrupt PPT file. This tool is designed by industry experts to fix corrupted or damaged PPT file. It can repair all type of PowerPoint file like PPT, PPS and PPTX. It is the finest tool to fix PPT file which fails to open. It can even repair broken link PowerPoint. It repair damage PPT file and create its new copy. If you are also suffering from PPT corruption problem then click here to download demo version of this tool. As you activate the software to repair PPT files, it first starts scanning your damage PPT file and recover corrupt data from it. If you’re satisfied with the demo version then you can buy its full version to save your repair PPT file in desire location. Even more you can utilize this application to fix unreadable content from PowerPoint file with ease.

Few Useful Tips:

  • Always save your PowerPoint file, after any modification or changes
  • Scan your computer regularly with the help of antivirus application
  • Avoid closing your PowerPoint application improperly
  • Terminate your MS PowerPoint application before repair process
  • Never run your PPT file on incompatible Windows operating system

Procedure to use software to repair PPT files :

Step 1: Download demo version of this PowerPoint file repair tool and do the installation on the hard disk of your PC. Now, double click on the shortcut icon to launch the application and obtain main screen. Click on "Browse" button select the corrupted PowerPoint file which needs to be repaired and the click "Repair" as illustrated in Figure A.

Software to Repair PPT files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: From Figure 2, you can see that the software starts performing Corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file repair process to fix corrupted PowerPoint 2010 file and grab all the data.

Software to Repair PPT files - Scanning Process

Figuer 2: Scanning Process

Step3: Once done with the repairing process, you can preview the repaired PowerPoint document as illustrated in Figure 3.

Software to Repair PPT files - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File

Step4: Now, browse the destination path to save the repaired PowerPoint file and click on "Save" option to save as illustrated in Figure 4.

Software to Repair PPT files - Save Repaired PowerPoint File

Figure 4: Save Repaired Files