PPT File not Opening - How to Fix?

PowerPoint is mainly employed to create graphical presentation by means of slides. Microsoft PowerPoint is considered to be the most convenient way of expressing one’s taught by adding figures, clip arts, background sound, colorful texts, etc. PowerPoint is a great presentation application which comes with Microsoft Office suit. On the basis of what PowerPoint version you are using, the prepared slides will be saved with either of the file formats i.e. PPT, PPTX and PPS. Most of the computers are well aware with the PPT file format of PowerPoint. Though PPT file helps user to create and demonstrate presentation for different purposes, but what will be your reaction if the same PPT file refuses to open in your PowerPoint and instead makes you to face several error messages representing that your PPT file is either corrupted or damaged.

This must be really a big disaster in your life as the corrupted PPT file that is not opening contains extremely important data. Will you prefer to rework and prepare the same presentation slide once again? In most of the cases, people lose their hopes of thinking about repairing PPT file and rather they start reworking. But, there is no need to get upset as PPT files are condemned for being prone to errors and corruption issues, one can easily repair PPT file that won't open in PowerPoint with the help of some reliable third party repair toolkit.

Among various PPT file fixers, PowerPoint file repair tool is highly recommended by industry experts and even widely accepted by customers. After facing a situation where your PPT file won’t open in PowerPoint, then with the aid of our software you can repair PowerPoint file with utmost ease and more accuracy. It’s a read only application, which only takes a copy of corrupted PPT for file repair process, which in turn ensures that your original PPT file will be safe and secure.

Before we look into more features of PowerPoint file repair tool, we can have quick look on the causes for PPT file damage or corruption.

Events under which PPT File gets corrupted / damaged:

  • Malfunctioning of installed applications or failure of operating system can result in corruption of PPT file thereby making the file inaccessible and unable to open causing loss of stored information. But, you can fix PPT file not opening in PowerPoint by using PowerPoint file repair suit.
  • If the PowerPoint file is not closed properly due to sudden power outage or continuous power fluctuation, then your PPT file may get corrupted resulting in inaccessibility of the file and thus leading to data loss.
  • Incompatibility of PowerPoint version, like file created on PowerPoint 2003 might not be compatible with PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 that causes damage to the PPT file making it unreadable. However, if you want to fix Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, then use our software. Click this repairpowerpointfile.net/how-to-fix-microsoft-powerpoint-2010.html for additional resources.
  •  Header of PPT file keeps the record of PowerPoint file size, name, file structure, creation date, etc. Due to any reason like malware attack, improper file usage, etc. if this PPT file header gets corrupted, then the operating system fails to read the file leading to loss of data.

There could be numerous numbers of other causes that are accountable for PPT file corruption, but you need not worry as previously stated PowerPoint file repair tool can tackle with all type of PowerPoint file corruption scenarios. You can easily repair broken, Damaged or corrupted PowerPoint file just within few simple steps. Just browse around the given page URL, http://www.repairpowerpointfile.net/broken-link.html for more information on repairing broken link PowerPoint. Firstly, you can avail the demo version of this effective repair toolkit and estimate its performance. In case you are happy with the results, then to save the repaired PPT file get its complete software from online. Simply follow the below screenshots in order to repair PPT file that won't open in PowerPoint.

Procedure to repair PPT file that is not opening:

Step 1: Download and Install demo version of PowerPoint file repair softwarel and then run it. After that, the tool you will see the main screen, choose PowerPoint file that is not opening by using “Browse” button and then tap on "Repair" button as shown in Figure 1.

PPT File won't open in PowerPoint - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: Now, the software starts the procedure of repairing not opening PPT file as shown in Figure 2.

PPT File won't open in PowerPoint - Scanning Process

Figuer 2: Scanning Proces

Step3: Once done with the process, you can preview the repaired PPT file by making use of “Preview File” option and then save it on a specific location on your computer as shown in Figure 3.

PPT File won't open in PowerPoint - Preview Repaired PPT File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired PPT File