PowerPoint PPTX Repair Tool

Microsoft Incorporation comes up with various applications which are used by most of the users in different ways. One such application is MS PowerPoint which is usually used to create presentations required for business or educational fields. MS PowerPoint tool is developed for Windows computers and it allows people to create attractive multimedia presentations by adding figures, charts, clip-arts and graphs. This is the best way of expressing ones ideas and essential information by providing slideshows. The files which are created by making use of PowerPoint are usually saved in .ppt or .pptx file extensions. PPT file format is the default file format for earlier MS PowerPoint versions such as 2000 and 2003, but from 2007 version PPTX file format is used. The various advanced features available in MS PowerPoint application males it user friendly. Despite of having so many advantages, there are chances in which even these PPTX files may be damaged or corrupted which in turn refuses to open causing loss of files and it also might put you in trouble if the file is very much important to you. Then the only way to access the corrupted PPTX file is file repair by using some good PowerPoint PPTX repair tool.

PowerPoint repair software is among the best tool which can repair your corrupted or damaged PPTX files from your computer and restores the saved information quickly and easily in few simple steps. This repair software will retrieve PPTX files with real presentation headers and footers.

Look into a Practical Scenario that gives you a clear picture of PPTX file Corruption:

Let us assume that you are educational trainer and you use MS PowerPoint 2007 to create presentations in order to deliver information to your students. This PowerPoint version saves file in .pptx file format. While working on the file suddenly your computer turned off which resulted in improper termination of PowerPoint application. Later after anxious wait of power to come!!! You turned on the PC and tried opening the file which you were working on, but there occurred some of the error messages. These error messages clearly indicate that your PPTX file is corrupted and you can no longer access the file. Are you worried and looking out to fix these errors and recover the valuable data stored in PPTX presentation files? Just relax and try PowerPoint repair tool which can accurately repair your corrupted PPTX file and can help you get back your data in a secure manner.

Now see some more Reasons that Results in Data Loss because of PPTX File Corruption:

  • If any type of interruptions like power failure occurs while transferring PowerPoint PPTX files from one device to another will result in PPTX file corruption. Corrupted PPTX file will not allow you to access the files leading to data loss.

  • Most of the users makes use of antivirus scanning program in order t prevent computer from malware attack. But because of outdated registry this tool might fail to recognize the harmful virus in the computer and thus ends up in broken PPTX file. If the PPTX file is severely corrupted by malware attack then this software will delete the file resulting in loss of files. You can use PowerPoint repair software in order to fix broken PowerPoint PPTX file. Check out the post right here to gain more knowledge about this repair utility.

  • While using PowerPoint application, if your system suddenly starts rebooting then it might corrupt the PPTX file thereby making the file inaccessible which in turn causes loss of files. In such case you can use the software which can repair not opening corrupted PPT file within couple of minutes.

  • Generation of errors while downloading or sharing PPTX files from the internet could damage the PPTX file. This inhibits the access to the user and makes them lose their significant data stored in PPTX files.To know more about how to repair corrupted PPTX file visit: http://www.repairpowerpointfile.net/corrupt-pptx.html. It will help you to fix your corrupted PPTX files.

Follow some Prevention Steps which will help you out to avoid data loss:

  • Do not install the PowerPoint repair software on the same partition from which you have lost the PPTX file.

  • Stop writing any new files onto the hard drive that contain lost PPTX files.

  • Make use of effective antivirus software on your PC in order to prevent malware attack.

  • Always use voltage regulator to prevent sudden shut down of the computer.

  • Compress your PPTX files by using WinZip tool before sending then through emails in order to prevent PPTX file corruption.

Attractive Properties of PowerPoint Repair Tool are:

  • The software repairs various types of files on the basis of their unique file extension from file system FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and EXFAT partitions.

  • User can even use this tool to repair PowerPoint 2003 file. Here you will get complete information about how to fix PowerPoint 2003 file.
  • It extract all the information from the corrupted PPTX file including hyperlinks, OLE objects, pictures, etc. and repairs severely damaged PPTX file to create a new PPTX file with the extracted information.

  • Repair PowerPoint tool even empowers you to repair not opening PPT file. Click here to find out that how this tool mend not opening PowerPoint file.

  • This tool even helps you to repair your PPT file not opening in PowerPoint application. For more hints refer this page site:http://www.repairpowerpointfile.net/cant-read-ppt.html

  • In case you face any MSI errors messages then this tool can even repair PPTX file after MSI error on Windows operating system based PC. Browse this site to know more details about this tool.

  • You can also fix corrupted PPT document with the help of this PowerPoint repair tool.

Instructions to Repair PPTX file using PowerPoint Repair software:

  1. Get the free demo version of the PowerPoint Repair software and do the installation on the hard disk of your Windows computer. Launch the software by double clicking on the desktop icon and then use “Browse” button to choose the PPTX file that you want to repair. Now click on “REPAIR” button.

Repair PowerPoint file- Main screen

2. After this the software scans the PPTX file and starts to fix the corrupted file. On completion of file repair process you can preview the repaired file by the use of “PREVIEW” option.

Repair PowerPoint file- Preview repaired file