Repair PowerPoint file which opens blank:

Are you shocked after finding your PowerPoint file blank? Wondering how this happened all of a sudden? If your PPT file is opening blank then it is very clear that it is corrupted. But it is not a very big problem. A corrupted PowerPoint file can be repaired easily. It is true that your PowerPoint file is extremely corrupted. But it can be quickly repaired with the aid of powerful and robust repair tool such as repair PowerPoint file. Any PowerPoint file which is opening blank slides can be repaired with the aid of this application. Sometimes we come across a situation where we find that all the slides that we prepared by putting all our efforts are opening blank. This obviously makes us feel frustrated. But we must not lose hope in this condition. Instead of worrying or thinking about the loss of important data you must repair damaged PowerPoint document with the help of repair PowerPoint file tool.

There are different reasons behind corruption of a PowerPoint file. PowerPoint file mainly gets corrupted due to header corruption. Header is a very important part of any file. It actually holds many vital data about a file which includes the file size, the date of file creation and the last modified date. So this header forms a vital part of PowerPoint file. But when this header gets damaged due to certain powerful reasons such as virus attack or power failure it directly affects the file and the file also gets corrupted. Apart from this improper downloading of the file also leads to the file corruption. Sometimes while downloading a PPT file we face severe network problems. Due to this network problem what happens is the file gets downloaded incompletely and because of this improper downloading of the file, corruption is resulted. But these problems are temporary and there is a way to come out of these problems. You can overcome these problematic conditions easily with the help of repair PowerPoint file utility.

By using this application you can not only overcome problems such as virus attack or header corruption, but you can also get through system rebooting and improper system shutdown problems. While editing PowerPoint file sometimes we face system rebooting problems. Due to frequent rebooting of the system the file gets corrupted which makes us feel disappointed. But even in this condition the corrupted PPT file can be repaired with the aid of repair PowerPoint file software. The software is compatible with all different versions of PowerPoint file such as 2013, 2010, etc. Furthermore, if you want to know more about corrupted PowerPoint 2013 file repair process, visit to the link:

If your PPT file opens blank on your Windows XP, Vista, server, Win 7 or Win 8 computer then in that case you can definitely try out this software to repair damaged PPT file. It is a popular tool to repair different PowerPoint file types such as .pps, .ppt and .pptx etc. If your .pptx file is damaged due to any of the reasons mentioned above then in this case you need to visit to learn how to repair damaged PPTX file.

Steps to fix PowerPoint File which Opens Blank:

Step 1: Download and Install repair PowerPoint file tool and then launch it. After launching the software you will get a welcome screen from which you have to select the corrupted PPT file and then click on "Repair" button.

PowerPoint File Opens Blank - Main screen

Figuer 1: Main screen

Step 2: The application starts the PowerPoint repair process as shown in the below fig.

PowerPoint File Opens Blank - Repair Process

Figuer 2: Repair Proces

Step 3: Once the process gets completed you can preview the repaired file in the preview window.

PowerPoint File Opens Blank - Preview Repaired PowerPoint File

Figuer 3: Preview Repaired PowerPoint File