How to Open Virus Infected PowerPoint File?

PowerPoint is the widely used presentation tool. As it is highly preferred, many users face a common problem i.e PowerPoint file corruption which may be due to virus infection. Viruses are external threats that replicate themselves and corrupts the PPT file. Once the PowerPoint file gets corrupted, users finds difficulty opening virus infected PowerPoint file. If user tries to open this virus infected PPT files, an error message ("PowerPoint file corrupted and file needs to be closed") is shown. Are you among the one who is facing this kind of terrible situation? Just relax!!! For this problem you have a best solution, i.e. by using Repair PowerPoint File software which is developed for repairing the PowerPoint file. This software provides a perfect answer for your question how can I open virus infected PowerPoint File by repairing the corrupt PPT file and making it reusable.

Virus program is one of the common trait to the computer based programs, due to which the contents in the system are corrupted. PowerPoint file is one among the system content which gets corrupted. When your computer gets affected from deadly viruses, it change some information of the header file of the PowerPoint file. If any change in the header file is done, then it leads to corruption of the PowerPoint file as a result of which, the system may display access denied virus infected PowerPoint file or "Part of the file is missing" which causes problem while opening the PowerPoint file. After facing such error messages, if you are thinking how can i open virus infected PowerPoint file, then this is the perfect place for your PPT file corruption problems. In addition, you can employ this simple user interface to fix PPT file association problems that occurs due to incompatibility of operating system and PowerPoint application. To find more details, tap here

However, PowerPoint file can also be corrupted by other issues, for example PPT file that are sent through the mail can get infected by harmful viruses when transferred through emails. As there might be some unprotected servers which may affect the files and makes them inaccessible causing data loss. And, If the Powerpoint file is not attached properly to the mail that’s sent, then at the other end after downloading the end user may find difficulty opening virus infected PowerPoint file and fails to access the file as it is corrupted due to improper attachment of the PPT file. Also, due to improper transfer of the PPT files form one storage device to other storage device, there is a chance for PPT file to get corrupt. PPT files can also be corrupted due msi corruption. To know How to repair MSI errors, follow the give URL

Precautions that can be taken to avoid PPT file corruption:

  • Keep the system virus free by using effective antivirus program.
  • Save the PPT or PPTX files properly before closing the program.
  • Download the attachments properly from the email.
  • Avoid using files or sharing files with un-trusted networks.

Repair PowerPoint File software is the best solution for the question how to open virus infected PowerPoint file. This software is skilled to repair and open virus infected PowerPoint file. Software has the ability to understand how the file is corrupted and how it can be repaired, it is provided with best solution for any type of PPT file corruption. If your PowerPoint file is damaged then you can make use of this software to know more search Software can also repair the PPT files that are corrupted due to other reasons like abruptly shutting down of system when some process is going on in the PPT file. Software is able to fix corrupted PPT files that are caused due to version change for example while you are using a 2003 MS PPT file on 2007 MS PPT, there is chance for the PPT file to get corrupted. Thus, PowerPoint file repair tool helps in fixing the corrupt PPT files and repairs errors like access denied virus infected PowerPoint file.

Note: After virus intrusion, the PPT file gets severely damaged and sometimes it generates messages stating that error can't save PPT file 2007, 2003, etc. But, one can easily fix error that can't save 2007 PPT file including other version with the aid of Repair PowerPoint file toolkit.

Simple steps for repairing corrupted PPT file:

1. Download and install demo version of this software on the hard disk of your system. Now, run the tool and click on "Browse" button to browse for the corrupted PPT file and hit "Repair" to fix not opening PowerPoint file as shown in Figure 1.

How To Open Virus Infected PowerPoint File - Main screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

2. After the repair process you can preview the file before saving it to desired destination as in Figure 2.

How To Open Virus Infected PowerPoint File - Preview repaired file

Figure 2: Preview Repaired File