PowerPoint File Not Opening

Microsoft PowerPoint facilitates its users with several ways of creating and sharing dynamic presentations with audience. Through this amazing application users can even add new audio and video clips to their presentation to make it even more interesting. Have you ever faced such situation where your PowerPoint not opening or refuses to open? Have you ever encountered an error message like "PowerPoint unable to display text"? If your answer is yes! Then you are in big trouble, because your file might reach to inaccessible state and you won’t be able to access the contents of the files like text, videos, images or other object which were included to make your presentation attractive.

Inaccessibility of PPT files due to any sort of corruptions is the worst thing that can ever happen to you. In such a scenario you need to choose best file repair tool to get back the access to your PPT files. There are several unforeseen reasons which can corrupt your PPT file and make it inaccessible, let’s explore few of them one by one.

PowerPoint Malfunction: Any fault in PowerPoint application can make the PPT files corrupt and as a result of which it fails to open. Incorrect installation of MS PowerPoint application can also make the PPT files corrupt. A simple unofficial alteration done by third party utility can even corrupt the PPT file.

Improper Termination of PPT Application: Instant power failure, while PPT files are still in use can forbid its proper termination and hence corrupts it. Abrupt system shut down will close the PowerPoint application improperly. In this case if your PPT files are still in use then they won’t save the settings properly leading to PPT file corruption, due to which you face the problem PPT document not opening. Read more

Virus infection: Spyware and Malware infection on system hard drive can corrupt PPT files stored on your system. Severe viruses can corrupt the file without any intimation. These viruses entered into the system either from internet or from the infected external hard drive. To avoid this scenarios users use antivirus program to protect your PowerPoint file from virus infection. For knowing more "how to open virus infected your PPT file?" just click in: http://www.repairpowerpointfile.net/open-virus-infected.html.

Other Reasons: In addition to this there are some other reasons behind PPT file corruption such as sudden system reboot, hard drive crash, defragmentation error in hard disk, OS file corruption, sharing of presentation over network, working on PowerPoint from removable devices like external HDD, memory card, USB drives, assuming that the savings are done to the computer itself and error in downloading the PPT files from emails or while sending through email.

To fix inaccessible PowerPoint file you need proficient tool such as "Repair PowerPoint", which can mend your PPT file without causing any further damage. Using repair PowerPoint tool you can repair all sorts of damaged Presentation files such as PPT, PPTX, PPS etc. along with their elements like header, footer, graphics effects, fields, OLE objects, hyperlinks, animations, audios, videos etc. Apart from performing PPT Repair on PowerPoint 2003 and 2007, this software also ensures safe PPT repair on PowerPoint 2010 which is the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.

If you want to repair your corrupted PPT files then first download and install the demo version of repair PowerPoint tool file repair tool. Select the affected PowerPoint file with the help of browse button and repair it. This tool even allows you to fix broken link PowerPoint file. Click here to get more information.

Note: You can save the repaired PPT files only in case of usage of purchased version of this software. Demo version won’t enable you to save the repaired PPT files since it is for evaluation of the performance of the software.

Procedure to fix PowerPoint file not opening:

Step 1: Download and Install the free trial version of PowerPoint file repair tool and then launch it. After launching the software you will get a welcome screen. There you have to select the corrupted PPT file using "BROWSE" button and then click on "Repair" button.

PowerPoint File Not Opening - Main screen

Figuer 1: Main screen

Step 2: The application starts the PowerPoint repair process.

PowerPoint File Not Opening - Scanning Process

Figuer 2: Scanning Proces

Step 3: As the process completes, you will get the below window of the tool. Click on "PREVIEW FILE" option to preview the repaired PowerPoint file and save it in a particular location on the computer.

PowerPoint File Not Opening - Preview Repaired File

Figuer 3: Preview Repaired File