Powerpoint Keeps Crashing in Windows 7

Would you like to know why PowerPoint keeps crashing on Windows 7? Are you frustrated with this kind of problem even with all other applications? Relax..!! here you will be introduced with a best software which helps you in optimizing Windows 7 computer to avoid application crash. Remo MORE, a perfect software which comes handy to improve the performance of Windows 7 computer by fixing all issues. Though it is not necessary to know the factors that diminish Windows 7 performance for optimizing, it is good to check out which might helps to avoid the same in future. Many factors wake up to take the responsibilty for decreasing the performance of Windows 7 computer there by installed apps starts crashing. Over the time, these factors becomes a great issue for an end user to fix and bring back their computer to perform faster as before. Let us check out some common factors which has been found in all most all the machines which has peformance issues.

First and foremost thing is accumulation of junk files or folders present on Windows 7 computer, which will clog your computer and slow down its speed. In this condition if you launch programs like PowerPoint, they will start hanging due to lack of necessary resources, become unresponsive and finally crashes. During such circumstances, if there is an important file kept open for editing, there are chances of losing that file as well.

Another reason where Powerpoint or similar kind of apps crash in Windows 7 is registry errors. We all know that how important registry files are for proper executon of each and every program. While launching any application, if at all Windows 7 come across any error in its corresponding registry entries, chanes are more that your app crashes and sometimes entire explorer goes unresponsive.

Apart from this if there is any virus or malware attack on your system then it may infect system files and alter its function. Such circumstances may also leads to PowerPOint crash in Windows 7 based computers. In addition to this, unnecessary programs running simultaneously in background will also consume significant amount of recourse and which results in crashing of necessary programs like PowerPoint due to lack of resources.

In order to get back your Windows 7 performance, first you need to disable all unnecessary programs running in background, delete all junk files which are reducing the performance of your computer and fix registry erros. Even an advancced user feel like it's hectic to perform all these tasks manually and for a novice user its like rocket science. To simplify these kind of tasks and automate Windows 7 PC optimization for better performace, Remo Software introduced an advanced program, Remo MORE. Within one click, you can fix all the issues which decreases the performance of Windows 7 computer. While optimizing your computer with MORE suite, no where you will find like what next. Completely automated, simple to use and well programmed software i.e. Remo MORE is here for you. Get it and resolve all the issues which force PowerPoint and other apps to crash while launching. And one more main thing about the software is, its completely free of cost.

Steps to fix performance issues of Windows 7:

Step 1: First download and install MORE and launch it, then select Enhance option from main screen and then choose Start-up Speed Enhancer as shown in figure 1.

Powerpoint Keeps Crashing In Windows 7 - Main screen

Figure 1: Select Start-up Speed Enhancer

Step 2: From this screen you have to select Start Tab to scan your system to find all the issues that are there in Windows 7 as shown in figure 2.

Powerpoint Keeps Crashing In Windows 7 - Click on Start Tab

Figure 2: Click on Start Tab

Step 3: Select those programs which you don't require and disable them as shown in figure 3.

Powerpoint Keeps Crashing In Windows 7 - Select Programs and Choose Disable

Figure 3: Select Programs and Choose Disable