How to Open Recovered Powerpoint Files?

Are you one of those who are not able to open PowerPoint file after recovering it? Once your PowerPoint file refuses to open, then chances are that it might have got corrupted. Thus it creates a great trouble for you in case the recovered PPT file is of great importance. Do not worry, you easily solve this issue in just a fraction of seconds with the help of repair PowerPoint software. As we know, that PowerPoint is one of the most widely used utility for making presentations. It is used to prepare demo of various projects for office work that you want to demonstrate in front of office colleague and for many more purposes. If this PPT file is lost and you have recovered it with the help of recovery tool, but the recovered PowerPoint file is refusing to open. As mentioned above, repair PowerPoint tool will provide all answers for your queries on how to open recovered PowerPoint files. You can easily open and repair PowerPoint file through the use of this robust repair tool.

Before we discuss, how to open recovered PowerPoint files, let me throw some light on the reasons behind this problem.

Generally, a Powerpoint file refuses to open due to corruption of header. Header contains information like size of file, date of creation of file, date of modification and many more information. If this header of PPT file is corrupted then you cannot access its contents. Thus, to handle such type of problem you should make use of good repair software which can easily repair this corruption issue in a very short span of time. Go to this link for more information about PowerPoint repair tool which can fix both PPTX and PPT file:

Continuously changing file format in cyclic fashion could also damage Powerpoint file and consequently it refuses to open and starts displaying different types of errors. This event is known as round tripping of file and in this process some information might be lost. Apart from this virus and malware attack to the PPT file is yet another reason which can corrupt your PPT file. If any dangerous virus has attacked to your Powerpoint file then it becomes inaccessible and you cannot open it without its repair. This URL will show you how to repair corrupted PPT file, just click here to know more:

It does not matter why your PowerPoint file refuses to open, you can repair it with the help of Repair PowerPoint File tool. This is famous tool to open recovered power point files after its corruption. It is built on top of a robust and advance algorithms. You can repair severally corrupted PowerPoint file in just a fraction of seconds without facing any difficulty. It can repair PPTX, PPT and PPTS file formats with ease. With the help of this tool you can fix PowerPoint 2010 files as well as many other version files. Apart from the above mentioned corruption scenario you can also fix CRC error with the help of this tool in an effective manner. It is a reliable tool and does not modify the content of original PPT files. You can easily see the repaired content with the help of preview option of this tool. Thus, if you are having any problem related to your PowerPoint file then try out our utility to open recovered power point file easily.

Steps that explain how to open recovered PowerPoint files:

Step 1: Download and install the tool to open recovered powerpoint files on your system. Launch the tool and select Browse Button to locate PPT file and then click on Repair to fix issues as shown in figure 1.

How to Open Recovered Powerpoint Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: Now, the tool starts damaged PowerPoint file repair process as depicted in Figure 2.

How to Open Recovered Powerpoint Files  - Scanning Process

Figuer 2: Scanning Proces

Step3: Once the repair process gets over, you can preview repaired file content as shown in figure 3.

How to Open Recovered Powerpoint Files - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File