Repair MSI Error in PowerPoint

The MSI file is a Windows Install file used for the Microsoft Office suite; it's a kind of database that contains information about the application with which it is associated, such as the files, configuration and settings of that application.

Sometimes MSI errors appear because the file has been deleted from your hard drive accidentally, in that case you can reinstall the file with the original Office installation CD. Insert your Office installation CD into your computer's CD drive. A dialogue box will appear; click "Retry" to reinstall the missing MSI file.

MSI Errors are usually caused by a corrupt registry entry. The smartest thing you can do, to prevent your PC from getting more error messages or further registry corruption. In some cases you can use Repair PowerPoint file tool to avoid these error messages and also it helps you out in providing easy steps for how to fix MSI error. This is a powerful PowerPoint file repair tool which is built with advanced scanning algorithm that makes PowerPoint MSI error repair easier. It’s a fastest tool which will repair MSI error in PowerPoint file without consuming much of your precious time.

Causes of MSI error are:

There are actually a number of reasons why these little errors happen.

  • Registry Error: The most common reasons are because of new programs that get installed over all old ones, before the old ones are uninstalled 100%, causing registry pile ups and of course, irritating error messages, slow PC performance and other common problems. You might face "PowerPoint file can't open because part of file is missing. In such case, visit this link which will provide you complete information on how to fix such PowerPoint errors.
  • Proxy Server: The "Setup Was Unable to Find MSI Package" error is a very common error which shows when you try and install programs on your PC. It's caused by your computer not being able to download the files it needs to complete the installation from the download server because your PC is connected through a proxy server.
  • Malware Program: Another common reason is damage that's been done by virus or malware programs, due to this MSI error pops up. Virus infection also makes the PowerPoint file not responding, so using PowerPoint file repair utility it is possible to repair MSI error in PowerPoint flle; you can even repair PowerPoint 2007 not responding.

Key features of PowerPoint MSI error repair tool are:

  • It knows how to fix msi error of PowerPoint file on all available versions of Windows operating systems including Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008 etc.
  • Easily repair PowerPoint not valid Win32 application when there is hardware incompatibility.
  • The software performs read only operation to the PPT files during the repair process assuring safety of their original contents.
  • Using this tool you can even fix PPT File not opening in PowerPoint application. Want to check how this tool actually works then visit this page:
  • It’s a user friendly tool, so if you have less computer knowledge and if you do not know how to fix MSI error in PPT files then you can employ this tool.   
  • It’s a reliable application which is free from all sorts of harmful viruses and malignant programs, hence it proves to be safest tool to repair MSI error in PowerPoint files.    
  • The tool will fix MSI error in PowerPoint file, once it is repaired you can recover texts, images, animation, word art objects, sound effects, hyperlinks, fields, OLE objects, charts, tables etc. It can also fix broken link PowerPoint easily with utmost accuracy.
  • This powerful tool knows how to fix MSI error in PPT files created on MS PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2010, 2007, 2013, etc.
  • With the help of this tool, you can easily repair corrupted PowerPoint 2007 file including other popular versions of PowerPoint.
  • The application has been designed highly trained technical staff, thus if you feel any difficulty to fix PowerPoint MSI error, then you avail the technical support at any time.     

Procedure to know how to fix MSI error:

Step 1: First download and install demo version of MSI error repair tool and launch it either from the desktop icon or program menu of your computer. Then select the damaged PPT file though "BROWSE" button and click on "Repair" to fix PowerPoint MSI error.

How to Fix MSI Error - Main screen

Step 2: The application will start to fix PowerPoint MSI error as soon as you click on "REPAIR" button. After all the PPT files are repaired and restored you can view them and evaluate the recovery result as well.

How to Fix MSI Error - Select Repair

Step 3: Now you can save the repaired PPT file by using licensed version of this tool.

How to Fix MSI Error - Repaired PPT File

Follow some instruction to avoid MSI Error:

  • Set the Registry policy properly in order to avoid MSI error.
  • Always backup your PPT files properly so that in case of MSI error pops up, you can restore them from the backup files.
  • Use reliable antivirus program to prevent the PPT file from getting error.