How to Fix Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?

PowerPoint is the application used to create presentation files. These make the presentation effective either it might be any official or educational level presentation. The presentation files help you to include various data in it like pictures, tables, etc. It is released by the Microsoft Corporation. There are different versions of it. In PowerPoint 2010 version, there had been made lots of enhancements to its features. You can merge and compare multiple presentations; you can open and work on different PPTX files in separate windows and so on.

Always the PPTX file format cannot work on the systems. If you do not have the latest version of the PowerPoint application on your computer then you will not be able to access PPTX files and data in it. You may try to change the file type to PPT. If something goes wrong while changing the file extension then you will lose the access to the data on it as a result of corruption. What can be done in such situation? Have you lost the data in it forever? No, you can repair the corrupt PPTS file using repair software. Fix PowerPoint efficiently using PowerPoint Repair Tool.

Some of the scenarios in which PowerPoint 2010 file is corrupted:

File transfer interruption: The PowerPoint 2010 files from the drive of the computer can be transferred to other device drives. If the file transfer process in interrupted then there are chances of the file getting corrupted. The file will go inaccessible then. If you have any important data in the PPTX file then you can repair the file to get back the access to it using repair tool.

Header corruption: The header of the PowerPoint 2010 file might get corrupted due to virus attack, improper usage of the file, etc. If the header of the file is corrupt then the file cannot be accessed by the Operating System. In such situation, you need a PowerPoint PPTX repair tool to repair the PPTX file. PowerPoint Repair Software is one of the reliable repair tools that can be used. Just Visit this Page to know more.

Improper closure: The PowerPoint 2010 if not closed properly then there are chances of the file getting corrupted. The PPTX file should be closed by selecting exit option from the File menu of the task bar of the document. Sometimes the system may shut down suddenly due to power outage. If the program was running at that moment then the PPTX file might get corrupted. You can repair the PowerPoint 2010 file using repair software.

CRC error: The CRC of the file is used to check whether the file is corrupted or not. If any of the bytes are overwritten, lost or added, then CRC error occurs. The PPTX file goes inaccessible and you will lose the data in the PowerPoint 2010 file. You can repair the file after CRC error using repair software. PowerPoint Repair Tool helps you repair corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file.

Advanced features of PowerPoint Repair Tool:

The PowerPoint Repair Tool helps you to fix Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. You can fix the PowerPoint files corrupted for any reason. You can even repair the files with broken link. Try this website to know more about it. The software supports PowerPoint repair on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The software has powerful scanning mechanism and simple interface. The software can fix the PowerPoint files of different versions. Hence, you can repair PowerPoint not responding of 2007, 2000, 2003 and 2010. You can try the demo version of the software to have the practical experience f repair software features.

Simple steps to fix Microsoft PowerPoint 2010:

Step 1: Download and Install the PowerPoint Repair Tool on the computer. Run the tool and you will get the main screen of the software. Select the file to be repaired using “BROWSE” option and click on “REPAIR”. The file is scanned by the tool to repair.

Repair PowerPoint file- Main screen

Step 2: Once the repair process is completed successfully, you will get the below window of the tool. Click on “PREVIEW FILE” option to preview the repaired PowerPoint file and save it in a particular location on the computer.

Repair PowerPoint file- Preview repaired file