How to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File???

Presentations play a vital role in any organization or education institute. This helps people to know about the things in a better way. It is better to explain once in a gathering rather than telling each of them at different time. To make the information more understandable it is necessary to use the presentation files. PowerPoint files can be used for presentation as these can include data like pictures, Clip Arts, tables, hyperlinks, etc. in it to make the file more effective.

At times, the presentation file may get corrupted due to some catastrophic condition. Suppose you are using presentation file and exit the application abruptly. When you try to open the file next time, it is not opening. This is because the file was not closed in a proper way. The PowerPoint file should be closed using Exit option on the file. Due to your negligence, you lost the PowerPoint file data. What can be done then? Do not worry; you can repair PPT file and get back the data in it using repair software. PowerPoint Repair Software can be used to fix corrupt PowerPoint file easily.

Few of the most common scenarios of PowerPoint file corruption:

Virus infection: The PowerPoint file may get corrupted due to virus infection. The source of virus may be any file like the software which you install on your system, unreliable internet sites, etc. The PowerPoint file easily gets infected by virus and you will lose the access to the data in it. If you do not have any other copy of uninfected file then use repair tool to get back the access to it. If your PowerPoint document opens blank due to virus attack then this tool will definitely help you to fix corrupt PowerPoint file.

Improper download: PPT file may not be downloaded properly. While downloading the PPT file, the internet connection may be down and the file might not be downloaded fully. When some part of the file is missing, the PowerPoint Presentation file will get damaged. You will lose the accessibility to the essential data in it. Now, if you want to recover damaged PPT file then you can use repair PowerPoint File tool. To know about damaged PPT file repair process visit here:

Abrupt system shut down: The system may shut down abruptly when power fails, accidental turn off by operating power button unknowingly, etc. If the PowerPoint file was open before shut down then there are chances of the file getting corrupted. In that case, you need to fix corrupt PowerPoint file using repair software. Read here, for more helpful hints.

Corrupted by recovery software : You may have lost your files and using recovery software to recover files. In that case, if the software that you are using is not reliable then the software may corrupt the files on the storage drive. Hence, you should choose a recovery software with read only functionality. In case you come across such situation then use repair tool and fix corrupted PowerPoint file in few cliccks of computer mouse.

Remarkable features of PowerPoint Repair Software:

The PowerPoint Repair Software helps you to repair corrupted PowerPoint file efficiently. The supports repairing Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2000 versions on your Windows computer. Hence, you can repair both PPT and the latest version i.e. PPTX files. This effective repair tool knows how to repair corrupt PowerPoint file on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, etc. The software can recover data in it which was not accessible by you after corruption. With the help of this tool you can even repair inaccessible PPT file. So, if you face a situation where your PPT files refuses to open then use this tool and get access to your PPT file. Check out this link to investigate more. It's a user friendly repair tool, which provides step by step directions with screen shots, so even if a person does not have good computer skills and does not know how to repair corrupt PowerPoint file can employ this app. Withe the help of this repair utility you can fix corrupt PowerPoint file on various secondary storage devices including pen drives, external hard disks, memory cards, memory sticks, etc. It’s a fastest repair tool, which will consume very less time to fix corrupted PowerPoint file.

The software performs rigorous scanning on the corrupt PowerPoint file and hence you can repair MSI error throwing PowerPoint file also. You can use the demo version of this tool to fix corrupt PowerPoint file, if you get satified with its performance then buy the licensed version.

Learn how to repair corrupt PowerPoint file:

Step 1: Download and Install the PowerPoint Repair Software on your computer. Run the software to get the main screen of the software as shown in the below figure. Browse the corrupt PPT file using "BROWSE" button and click on "REPAIR" option to fix corrupted PowerPoint file.

Fix Corrupt PowerPoint File - Main screen

Step 2: Wait untill the software completes corrupt PowerPoint file repair, you can easily preview the file using "Preview" option.

Fix Corrupt PowerPoint File - Preview Repaired File

Step 3: After previewing, if you feel satisfied with the result then you can save the file using "SAVE" option provided in licensed version of this tool .

Fix Corrupt PowerPoint File - Save Repaired PPT File