Fix PowerPoint 2007 Not Responding

The PowerPoint 2007 may not be responding due to various reasons. The Microsoft PowerPoint file repair tool can repair the corrupted PPTX files despite of the severity of the corruption. It ensures the safety of the PPTX files by performing read only repair procedure to the corrupted PPTX files. In addition to that, the software provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface by which even a novice user can successfully handle the complex repairing procedure. For all this reasons, the PPT repair tool is highly appreciated by the Industry Experts as well as a large number of customers all around the world.

Suppose you’ve spent the past 4 hours doing work on a 40 something slide PowerPoint presentation of your office work. But suddenly Microsoft PowerPoint is now not responding and you haven’t saved it now. You need these presentations anyhow. No need to panic, there is PowerPoint file repair tool which helps you to fix PowerPoint 2007 not responding. This software is very effective tool which also repair PowerPoint file where you get error message. So if you get any MSI error then it will fix MSI error.

Possible issues behind PowerPoint 2007 not responding:

  • Improper Recovery by any PowerPoint Recovery tool: PowerPoint 2007 can also become corrupted due to improper way of PowerPoint repairing by any unreliable PowerPoint recovery tool. This may happen due to sector level fragmentation in the file system. As a result the recovered PowerPoint will remain in the corrupted state itself hence, refuses to open when tried to be accessed and file will not respond.
  • Power fluctuation: Sudden Power surge while PowerPoint is still in use can interrupt its proper termination and hence makes it corrupt. Accidental shut down of the computer while PowerPoint application is not properly terminated or some PowerPoint files are still in use will not save all the setting properly. As a result the PowerPoint file will not respond.
  • PowerPoint Malfunction: Any malfunction in PowerPoint application can make the PowerPoint files corrupt. Improper installation of PowerPoint application can also make the PowerPoint files inside corrupt. Any unauthorized modification done by third party utility tool can also corrupt the PPTX files severely. In order to fix corrupted PPTX files you have to use some powerful PowerPoint PPTX Repair tool. PowerPoint Repair software is the best software which you can use.
  • The other reasons behind PowerPoint 2007 corruption are operating system corruption, sudden system reboot, defragmentation error in hard disk, virus attack, sharing a PowerPoint file over network, error in downloading the PowerPoint files from emails or while sending through email or working on PowerPoint from removable devices like CDs, DVDs or USB drives assuming that the savings are done to the computer itself.

Features of PowerPoint file repair tool:

  • The software does not modify the original content of the PPT file during the repair procedure which assures you a safe and risk free repairing procedure.
  • It exhibits in-built algorithms to repair and retrieve the PPT slides as well as the other features like texts, images, animation, word art objects, sound effects, hyperlinks, fields, OLE objects, charts, tables etc.
  • You can repair PPT not valid Win32 application that becomes unreadable as result of various circumstances and you will be able to preview repaired PowerPoint file at the end of repair process.
  • Other than PPTX, the software repairs all types of corrupted PPT, PPTS files effectively along with the header and footer of the PPT slides.
  • Repair broken link Microsoft PowerPoint files after header corruption on different PowerPoint versions such as PowerPoint 2000,PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010.
  • Including other versions of PowerPoint application this tool even supports MS PowerPoint 2003. If you want to fix your PowerPoint 2003 file then checkout this link.
  • Repair corrupt PowerPoint PPT file after automatic update on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008.
  • With this application consumer can also repair PPS file which not opening on PowerPoint application. If you are facing similar kind of situation then follow this page:

Procedure to fix PowerPoint 2007 not responding:

Step 1: Download and Install the free trial version of PowerPoint file repair tool and then launch it. After launching the software you will get a welcome screen. There you have to select the corrupted PPTX file using "BROWSE" button.

Repair PowerPoint file- Main screen

Step 2: Start the PowerPoint repair process by selecting "REPAIR" button.Upon the successful completion of the repair process; you can view the repaired PPTX file.

Repair PowerPoint file- Select repair

Tips to avoid ppt 2007 not responding:

  • Backup your PowerPoint files regularly.
  • Before you shut down or restart the computer make sure that all the PowerPoint applications are terminated properly.
  • Set the Registry Policy setting properly to avoid PPTX file corruption.
  • Use reliable antivirus program to prevent the PowerPoint file from getting corrupted / damaged.