PowerPoint Document Repair

PowerPoint is a presentation program developed by Microsoft. It facilitates its users with the advance ways of creating and sharing your innovative ideas in the form of presentation. The presentations are contained of slides, which may contain images, text, and other media, such as audio clips. User can even include animated transitions and sound effect, to add extra appeal to the presentation. It is comes with standard Office suite along with Microsoft Excel and Word. It is generally used to create business presentations, but can also be used for educational purposes.

But many times while working on PowerPoint presentations they get corrupt and became inaccessible. Let’s assume one scenario, where your boss told you to prepare a presentation for client meeting. And after a hard of one month, you prepared a presentation. But, a day before presentation when you are making some changes on your presentation, suddenly system turns off. After 5 minutes when power came you restart your system, you get shocked!!! After finding that PPT document was not opening and giving error while opening. But day before presentation when you try to open your PPT file its giving error and you are not able to access your presentation. And if that presentation is your crucial business presentation then it may results in big loss for you.

At this situation the first question which comes in your mind is how do I repair a PowerPoint document? If you stuck in such situation then you need not to worry much about it, because Repair PPT tool is there to sort out your problem. This tool is designed with special mechanism which can repair corrupted PowerPoint document in few simple clicks. There are many other scenarios, which may corrupt your PPT document and results data loss. Have a look on some of them:

  • Using pirated third party tool, or cracked version of the software, sometime corrupt the PPT document present in system hard drive.
  • Sudden shut down of system while you are working on PowerPoint can corrupt your PPT file and make it inaccessible.
  • Virus infection on system hard disk drive can corrupt your PPT document present in your personal computer or Laptop.
  • Sharing of PPT document over public network sometime proves risky as it may results in PPT document corruption.
  • Improper or incomplete downloading of PPT documents can also be another reason for PPT file corruption. After corruption when you try to open your PPT file it opens blank. But this does not mean that you have lost all your presentation slides due to improper or incomplete download. The file can be repaired and the data can be recovered with the help of repair PowerPoint file software. Visit http://www.repairpowerpointfile.net/opens-blank.html to know how you can repair PPT file which opens blank.

Also, corrupted PowerPoint file might make you to face various known or unknown errors. If you are facing an error message "PowerPoint can’t open because part of the file is missing", then with the aid of PowerPoint file repair software you can easily repair PowerPoint file that cannot open due to such errors. There are certain tips which you can follow in order to abstain from the losing or corruption scenarios. Always have a proper and strong data backup to avoid losing access to PPT files, scenarios such as malfunctioning of software, sudden power failure or improper shut down of the system can be the main reason of data loss. Virus attack has the only way to be abandon that is to use the updated antivirus in your PC.

After following these precautions if still you faced PPT corruption problem, then directly go for Repair PPT program it will help you mend PPT file not opening on PowerPoint. This tool can repair PPT document irrespective of its corruption causing situation. To mend your corrupt PPT document download the trial version of the software, which easily available on internet and then you can repair the desired files by following few steps after installation of the tool. It mends PPT documents along with its graphics, animation and sound effect. After using trial version you can estimate the efficiency of the tool, if it results is satisfactory then try for its licensed version. Look at this web-site to know more about this tool.

Instructions to Repair PowerPoint Document using PowerPoint Repair software:

  1. Get the free demo version of the PowerPoint Repair software and do the installation on the hard disk of your Windows computer. Launch the software by double clicking on the desktop icon and then use "Browse" button to choose the PPT document that you want to repair. Now click on "REPAIR" button.

PowerPoint Document Repair - Repair File

Figure 1 : Repair File

2. After this the software scans the PPT document and starts to fix the corrupted file.

PowerPoint Document Repair - Scan PPT File

Figure 2 : Scan PPT File

3. On completion of file repair process you can preview the repaired file by the use of "PREVIEW" option.

PowerPoint Document Repair - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3 : Preview Repaired File