Clean Up PowerPoint Temp Files

Do you want to get rid of PowerPoint temp files on your Windows computer? If yes then just depend upon Remo MORE tool which can help you delete various PowerPoint temp files within just few countable minutes. It is a well known fact that when a user creates a PPT file or any other file on his computer a temporary file gets created as a copy of the file created. This temp file is created in order to help the user restore the file whenever power fails or any other incident takes place while he / she is working on the original file. Every time you create a PowerPoint file a temp file gets created along with it. In this way the number of temp files keeps growing which reduces the disk space to a considerable level. This is the main problem due to which one is compelled to delete temp PowerPoint files on his computer. But it is quite difficult though not impossible to delete temp PowerPoint files manually. That is why it is required to make use of reliable and trustworthy software such as Remo MORE to delete PowerPoint temp files with ease.

This application comes into the picture when the system performance starts decreasing due to the accumulation of excess PowerPoint temp files. When the number of temp PowerPoint files increases usually the system starts performing slowly. This is because the hard drive gets occupied by these temporary files due to which the drive starts performing slowly. This in turn affects the entire system performance which is totally undesired. In this condition if one makes use of this application then he can easily improve the system performance by removing these temp PowerPoint files from the computer.

You must use this tool if you want to get rid of these temp files permanently. If you are the one who wants to sell his system to a third person after deleting all the temporary PowerPoint and other file types then this is the best tool for you. Simple deletion techniques won’t work out when you want to delete temp files permanently from the system. Not even formatting has the power to vanish off the temp PowerPoint files forever. So in this case if you want to delete PowerPoint temp files completely so that you can sell your computer to any stranger then you just need to make use of this application.

After trying various techniques to delete temp PowerPoint files if you didn’t get the satisfactory results then in that case you must use Remo MORE software. This is amazing software which can be run of different Windows computers such as Win 7, Win 8, Win XP, server and Vista. Surprisingly, it is the tool which comes absolutely free of cost. With the help of this software you can delete .pps, .ppt and many other PowerPoint file types with great ease.

Steps to Delete PowerPoint Temp Files:

Step1: Once you launch Remo MORE tool choose "Optimize" option from the main screen. Then choose "Privacy Cleaner" option from the next screen.

Delete PowerPoint Temp Files - Main Screen

Step2: Then select "Clean PC Junk" option after which a window will pop up from which you need to choose "Windows Temp Files" option. Once you select this click on the "Scan" option.

Delete PowerPoint Temp Files - Select Windows Temp Files

Step3: As soon as the scanning process gets completed the tool will start removing PowerPoint temp files. Then when it finishes off the cleaning process a message will be displayed.

Delete PowerPoint Temp Files  - Removal of PowerPoint Temp Files