How to Repair Corrupt PPTX Files?

Among all computer users, Microsoft Office is one of the most common and popular software. They prefer for documentation, presentations and other purposes. MS PowerPoint is one of them, which is used for creating and designing presentations. It is widely used in almost every sector, such as marketing, corporate training session in businesses, large enterprises and for teaching purposes in educational institutes.

microsoft PowerPoint saves presentation files in PPT and PPTX file format with .ppt and .pptx as a file extension. PPTX file is created by using the Open XML format. It stores the documents as a collection of separate files in compressed form. The PPTX files will open in MS PowerPoint 2007 & 2010. A PPTX file contains slides including design, OLE objects, hyperlink and pictures. PPTX files may be corrupted due any virus problem or by human error and many more.

If you are in the situation where due to some unknown reason your PPTX file has got corrupted and now are you searching for a solution to repair corrupted pptx files, then you are at right place. PowerPoint repair software gives you complete solution on how to repair corrupt PPTX files. This application is highly reviewed by industry experts and also accepted by wide range of customers.

There could be several reasons for PPTX file corruption. Some of them are:

  • If the PPTX file is Virus infected then the PPTX file is corrupted.
  • Abrupt system shutdown is also one of the major reasons for PPTX file corruption. When you are preparing presentation, if due to some reason your computer gets terminated abruptly, then it leads to corruption of PPTX file thereby resulting in inaccessibility of files. In case your PPTX file is damaged then you can go through the mentioned link to fetch more details:
  • Sometimes your hard drive may get crashed due to any technical problem. This unexpected crash in system hard drive may lead to corruption of PPTX files.
  • If you are downloading or sharing PPTX file on internet then due to generation of errors the PPTX file is corrupted and inaccessible to you. If you get any text converter error attempting to open the file, click on this link to fix it effortlessly:
  • Improper closer of PowerPoint application.

These are some of the common reasons of corruption. When you open, any corrupted PPTX file then it Shows error like “This is not a PowerPoint Presentation” or “File is corrupted or damaged.” Whenever a file is corrupted or damaged, you need to repair it. Use "Open and repair" to repair corrupt file, It is an in built repair feature provided by MS Office to repair corrupt documents. It is one of the easiest way to repair corrupted PPTX files. But, in case this method fails, there comes a need of our PowerPoint repair software. With the aid of this powerful application, you can fix PowerPoint file association created on latest versions of MS PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc. To know the complete details, click here

The PowerPoint repair is the powerful tool which is used to fix corrupt PPTX files. Since PowerPoint repair is a read only tool it will never harm your original file at repair. It scans the corrupted PPTX file to extract all the necessary information and creates a new healthy file with the extracted information such as, OLE objects, hyperlink and pictures etc. This PowerPoint repair tool is also used to repair PPT files. For more information about repair PPT file visit


  • Protect your system from virus and malware attack i.e. use effective antivirus software on your computer.
  • Always use voltage regulator to prevent sudden shut down of the computer.
  • Always save your PPTX file, after any modification or changes.
  • Do not close PowerPoint application improperly.

Procedure to fix corrupt PPTX files:

  1. Get free demo version of the PowerPoint Repair software and install it on your Windows computer. Then use “Browse” button to choose the PPTX file that you want to repair. Now click on “REPAIR” button as depicted in Figure 1.

How to Repair Corrupt PPTX Files - Select corrupted PPTX file

Figure 1: Select corrupted PPTX file

2. After this, the software scans the PPTX file and repair corrupt PPTX file. On completion of file repair process, you can preview the repaired file by the use of “PREVIEW” option.

How to Repair Corrupt PPTX Files  - Preview repaired PPTX file

Figure 2: Preview repaired PPTX file