Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2010 File

MS PowerPoint is the most reliable presentation tool that comes inbuilt with Microsoft Office Suite. People often use PowerPoint application for creating presentations either related to educational seminar, business analysis, training materials, etc. by means of slides. There are various versions of PowerPoint i.e. PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2007 and PowerPoint 2010. PowerPoint 2010 is the latest version which is crafted with new features in comparison with other versions and it saves the file with .pptx file extension. Though the PowerPoint 2010 files are extraordinarily featured, at times they may get corrupt for numerous of known or unknown reasons thereby making the stored information unreadable.

Once your PowerPoint 2010 document gets corrupted, then it refuses its access to their users and thus you might end up losing your important PowerPoint presentation. As you really worked hard for preparing the PowerPoint presentation, losing such files would be really a distressful situation. And, there is no enough time to create such PowerPoint files again. What will you do after you face PowerPoint file corruption scenarios? Do you need to help to perform corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file repair and extract all the data stored in it? Just have patience, as you have stumbled upon the right place!!! With the help of our best PowerPoint file repair tool, which is highly reviewed by technical experts, one can always repair corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file and restore entire data lost from it. There are several of reasons behind PowerPoint presentation files getting corrupted, a few of them are listed here take a quick look:

A PowerPoint file may get corrupt in situations like:

  • Malware or virus intrusion on the hard drive of your computer where the PowerPoint files are saved will severely infect the stored PPTX files resulting in inaccessibility of the files causing loss of valuable information. However, if you want to fix corrupted PowerPoint 2010 file, then make use of PowerPoint file repair tool.
  • Due to any reason, if the header of PowerPoint 2010 document gets corrupted, then PowerPoint presentation cannot be accessed by the operating system as the header file includes all the vital information about the file in terms of file name, file size, creation date and time, file extension, etc. Any sought of corruption to this Header file would make the PowerPoint 2010 file unreadable resulting in data loss situation. In case you want to repair unreadable PowerPoint file, then you can use this repair tool. Click this link to for more information about this wonderful repair toolbox.
  • Sometimes sharing of PowerPoint file over public network proves to be risky because it might lead to corruption of PowerPoint document and hence making the file inaccessible resulting in data loss. But, in the event you are looking out for a way to perform corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file repair and extract stored data, then using our PowerPoint file repair toolbox is the ultimate solution.
  • Malfunctioning of PowerPoint tool due to improper installation, modification done by unauthorized third party tool can make your PowerPoint presentation corrupt, which in turn does not let you to access your vital PowerPoint file leading to file loss. In order to repair PowerPoint file not opening in Office 2010 you have to use this powerful PowerPoint file repair toolkit.

PowerPoint file repair tool proves to be the best software in repairing corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file. You can employ this repair program to solve all the above defined PowerPoint presentation corruption scenarios. You can use this software to fix PPT file not opening in PowerPoint just within a matter of minutes. Click over here for better understanding about fixing of not opening PPT file. This application can efficiently fix PPTX file created on both PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 including PPT files. It’s a non destructive read only tool which creates a new copy of corrupt PPT / PPTX file and performs corrupt PowerPoint file repair on it. The software can fix corrupted PowerPoint 2010 file on all major Windows OS versions starting from Windows XP to Windows 8 along with its earlier versions. This ensures that it does not cause any sort of harm to your original Presentation document. Just browse around the given site to grasp complete knowledge on how to fix PPTX files.

Simple steps to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file:

Step 1: Download demo version of this PowerPoint file repair tool and do the installation on the hard disk of your PC. Now, double click on the shortcut icon to launch the application and obtain main screen. Click on “Browse” button select the corrupted PowerPoint file which needs to be repaired and the click “Repair” as illustrated in Figure A.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2010 File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: From Figure 2, you can see that the software starts performing Corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file repair process to fix corrupted PowerPoint 2010 file and grab all the data.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2010 File - Scanning Process

Figuer 2: Scanning Proces

Step3: Once done with the repairing process, you can preview the repaired PowerPoint document as illustrated in Figure 3.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2010 File - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File

Step4: Now, browse the destination path to save the repaired PowerPoint file and click on “Save” option to save as illustrated in Figure 4.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2010 File - Save Repaired PowerPoint File

Figure 4: Save Repaired Files