PowerPoint Can't Read PPS File

Have you ever faced a situation where you worked very hard for preparing PowerPoint slide show, but a day before presentation when you tried to open that file you found out that the PowerPoint does not open PPS files? If your answer is Yes, then read this page here you will get a way to overcome from this critical issue.

PowerPoint is a presentation tool given by Microsoft Corporation. It is widely used to create presentation slides. It facilitates user to add colorful in text, insert clip arts, figures, background sound effect which makes the presentation slide attractive and interesting. But a PPS file can also get damaged or corrupt due to various unpredictable reasons, as a result on which PowerPoint can't read PPS file. Let’s have a quick look on some common reasons which bring corruption to your PPS file:

  • Virus attack on system hard drive, will modifies or corrupts the file header of the PPS file present on the hard drive and makes it inaccessible.
  • Sudden system shutdown due power discharge while designing PowerPoint slid show, also results in PPS file corruption.
  • Sharing of PPS file on public or infected network sometime brings PPS file corruption.
  • Improper downloading of PPS file is another common due to which PowerPoint will not open PPS file.
  • Changing the file extension of the PPS file from one file type to another leads to PPS file damage.
  • Any malfunction in PowerPoint application can make the PPS files corrupt.
  • Any unauthorized modification done by third party utility tool can severely corrupt the PPS files.
  • Sudden system reboot, operating system corruption, defragmentation error in hard disk are few more reasons which may brings PPS file corruption.

You can easily overcome from the above mentioned situations if you have repair PowerPoint file tool. This application is designed with special inbuilt algorithm to fix corrupt PPS file. Invention of this superb utility has made things easier for the users by giving them a real chance to fix corrupt PPS files without causing any further damage to it. It is the perfect tool to resolve PowerPoint can't read PPS file issue. For additional reading refer this site:http://www.repairpowerpointfile.net/

Rather than PPS file this utility repair all other types of PowerPoint file such as PPT, PPS, PPSX and PPTX. If you want to fix PPTX file that not opening in Microsoft Office PowerPoint, then click here: www.repairpowerpointfile.net/pptx-not-opening.html. This PowerPoint repair tool can even mend 2003 PPT file that cannot open on PowerPoint 2010 or on any other versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. It repair PPS file along with all its attributes like header, footer, OLE objects, hyperlinks, fields, graphics effects, animations, audios, videos etc. With this tool you can even fix broken PowerPoint files. Try trial version of this tool is also available. It will help you in estimating the efficiency of the tool. If the outcome of the trial version is as per your requirement then you can select licensed version of the tool to save your repaired PPS file.

Things to remember:

  • Do not interrupt during PPS file downloading process in between.
  • Use antivirus program to get rid from corruption causing viruses.
  • Make use of a quality UPS device to prevent improper or abnormal termination of system.
  • Avoid sharing your PPS file over unsecured networks.

Simple steps to repair PPS File not opening in PowerPoint:

Step 1: Choose the corrupt PPS file by clicking on main screen's browse option. Then hit the "Repair" button to begin the repair process.

PowerPoint Can't Read PPS File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: As soon as you hit the "Repair" button the software starts the repair process as shown in the below fig.

PowerPoint Can't Read PPS File - Repair Process

Figuer 2: Repair Proces

Step3: Preview the repaired PPS file contents once the repair process gets completed.

PowerPoint Can't Read PPS File - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File

Step4: Now, browse the destination location to save the repaired PPS file and click on "Save" option to save as illustrated in Figure 4.

PowerPoint Can't Read PPS File - Save Repaired PPS File

Figure 4: Save Repaired Files