Repair Broken Link PowerPoint

Sometimes you add content from external files to a presentation you're preparing in Microsoft PowerPoint; then application offers you two options: embed a copy or link to the original file. Linking reduces the size of your PowerPoint file and simplifies the task of maintaining up-to-date external content in your presentation. Unlike graphic-design applications that offer you a list of the documents linked to a page-layout file, PowerPoint makes it much easier to insert linked files than to see what's linked to your work in progress.

You may often notice a broken link when you try to access the PPT file on your computer. This is due to damage in your PPT file as a direct consequence of MS PowerPoint malfunction. The occurrence of such errors is an indication that your PPT file is now inaccessible and you need to get a proper repair tool for fixing damaged PPT file. This tool can easily fix damaged PPT file in just few clicks of mouse. To know about damaged PPT file repair process visit this page:

Repair PowerPoint file software scans the entire broken link PPT file and with the assistance of extensive algorithms, repair broken link PowerPoint and extracts its elements such as hyperlinks, styles, effects, media clips, animations, etc and place them in a new PPT file. The uniqueness of this repair tool is that it restores the original structure and layout of the damaged presentation during the repair process. This software helps in repair PowerPoint file when error messages pops up. So you can also repair PowerPoint ppt not valid Win32 application.

Common scenarios responsible for broken link:

  • Incompatibility Operating system or the PowerPoint version: If the latest Microsoft update is not compatible with the current PowerPoint version or the Windows Operating system you are using, then it may affect the PowerPoint files in the hard drive of your computer and results in broken link.
  • Power fluctuation: During the automatic update if some unexpected things happen like instant power failure or sudden system shutdown, then the PowerPoint files might get affected by this updating failure and hence may be broken. In such cases the utility helps to repair broken link PowerPoint due to corrupt header. Using PPT repair tool you mend corrupt PPT document in few mouse clicks.
  • Network server problem: If there is any problem in the functioning of the networking devices like router, cable, switches etc. then the PowerPoint files may get corrupted because of this. Any problem in the internet connection can also affect the PPT files.
  • Software Malfunction: Malfunctioning of the any software or operating system failure may also cause damage to the PPT files in the hard drive.

Features of Broken link PowerPoint Repair:

  • The software uses their advanced algorithm which is specially designed to repair PowerPoint slides along with the header and footer of the PPT slides.
  • It repairs all types of corrupted PPT, PPTS, PPTX files effectively as well as recovers different component of the PPT files like texts, images, animation, word art objects, sound effects, hyperlinks, fields, OLE objects, charts, tables etc.
  • The PowerPoint file Repair software supports different PowerPoint versions such as PowerPoint 2000, PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010 and can repair MSI error after error message pops up.
  • It is compatible enough with various Windows operating system versions such as Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008 etc. So it can easily repair Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 not responding.

Effective steps to repair broken link PowerPoint:

Step 1: Download and Install the free trial version of broken link PowerPoint repair tool and then launch it. After launching the software you will get a welcome screen. There you have to select the broken link PPT file using “BROWSE” button. You need to initiate the repair procedure by using “REPAIR” option.

Repair PowerPoint file- Main screen

Step 2: Upon the successful completion of the repair process, you can view the repaired PowerPoint file.

Repair PowerPoint file- Preview repaired file

Precaution to be taken to avoid permanent corruption / damaged:

  • Do not write any new data in to the drive which has the broken PPT files in it.
  • Never install the PowerPoint file repair tool on in the storage space where the broken PPT files are present.
  • Do not open the corrupted PPT file repeatedly, because it may further corrupt the PPT file.